Comment: I got into this totally rolling my eyes

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I got into this totally rolling my eyes

I hate the contemporary church service movement, it's cafeteria christianity at its worst. And none of this, 'well at least people are coming'. The problem is that once culturally Christianity becomes about pop music and wearing jeans to shallow bible study groups for a minor subculture in middle America, and not a religion based on principles and steadfast faith in and partnership with God, then you lose the Christianity. There are those types that are all about 'god loves me' but then ostracize you the minute you mention going through hardship to serve God's purposes. These people are driving the Christian culture right now.

Anyway, I listened to this music and thought, 'gee, this is good music'.

I've realized that music is culture, and there's no need for culture to be inherently trashy. So people of all stripes, those who hold strong beliefs in SOMETHING, should in fact make music about it, whatever kind of music their passionate about.

Great perspective for the liberty movement, the alternative culture movement, and religion as well. Thanks for the post.