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Pure, unadulterated union PR crap.

I posted this in the other post on this subject and figured I'd re-post it here. Apologies to anyone annoyed at reading it twice, but I think it's important people realize that all the claims unions make about themselves amount to the biggest load of dung you'll ever encounter.


Apart from their "Pay up or else" thug mentality, the thing that most irritates me about unions is all the oft-repeated hogwash about how without unions there'd be no weekends, everybody would only be paid 3 cents an hour and forced to work 25 hours a day, and all the rest of this BS. When they aren't actively threatening violence against people, union thugs and apologists are busy taking credit for stuff they had little if anything to do with.

This really rubs me the wrong way, especially since even people who agree that modern unions are awful, unaccountable rackets seem to accept the myth that "Unions once had their place, and they did some good, like helping create the middle class." No. Wrong. Not at all. They've always been nasty, parasitic organizations and a net economic drag, just like their pals in government who have succeeded in passing laws granting them extraordinary legal privileges in the first place.

See, e.g., Tom DiLorenzo,

*(So-called "right-to-work" legislation presents some problems from a libertarian/voluntaryist perspective, and it would be an interesting discussion to have if one could past all the ignorant screaming and asinine mythology surrounded labor unionism.)