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In the public sector

I'd rather see public sector unions replaced entirely by "guaranteed market rate" legislation.

Basically, you tell public sector workers that they have no bargaining rights as far as salary and benefits compensation. If they want those rights, go work in the private sector.

Instead, public sector workers should be guaranteed to be paid the exact average of private sector workers in their particular industry after making considerations adjusting for education level, number of hours worked, years of experience, life threatening situations (like with cops and fireman) etc.

Basically, if the average wage or benefits earned by private sector teachers (who are welcome to be unionized) goes down, then so does the public sector teachers. But, if it goes up... so do the public sector teachers.

This should be true for ALL public employees. I don't want them to get a raw deal, or work for less than everyone else just because they are being paid with tax dollars, but they certainly shouldn't be overpaid by the very people they are "serving".

If you are so great, that you deserve better than market value pay, that's wonderful. Go out into the private sector where its "dog eat dog" and prove you are the top dog.

Otherwise, thank you for your service. Please be happy being paid as well as everyone else.