Comment: A strong, vibrant forest is

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A strong, vibrant forest is

A strong, vibrant forest is not possible without strong, individual trees. Without the independent tree, there would be no forest.

A landscape composed of small, equally weak trees does not make a forest for all the trees are equal and no tree is allowed to grow taller or thicker than another. Therefore, no forest shall ever exist in a tree sea full of, "equality," only a desert full of sand, and very few trees.

We are one as the human race, but we are not the same. All humans are NOT equal. Some like to work, some don't. Some like to reach for the stars and do good for humanity, and some would rather watch Dancing With The Stars, do nothing, and watch football.

A good football team is not possible without exceptional, individual players and talent.

A chain is only as strong as the weakest individual link.

America has far too many weak, government dependent links.

A strong country can not exist without a strong chain of indivual achievement.

Individual achievement is the reason why America was born. When individuals decided to take back their God given rights, their actions unleashed the amazing powers of the human mind in the 19th and 20th centuries. Freedom was born, through the power of the individual man and woman.

The "Great Experiment," resulted in something that was beyond what any Monarch could ever dream of, both good and bad.

A single person can change the world for the good....and Jesus proved it!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.