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i thank you for hearing me out

if you indeed are
i have worked on both sides,had some real crappy jobs
ones that almost cost me life a few times
i got a job working for GM,then delphi,what i found was
the unions worked for management,not the people,form whom them dues were taken,but it did have a few benefits,one being a cleaner
working environment
i did get a better wage(i know what i helped build cost more to make)
but at least we were finally able by something that i didn't
need 2-3 of,to keep one on the road
one job i had,if they didn't like you,you were walked out
i do not believe anyone should keep their jobs if they do not work while there(unions help the lackies)
other jobs i have had i was paying $150 every 2 weeks for medical
this kinda sucked seeing i was making $6-7 an hour
yes i do know about unions and the thuggery,and how they operate
before gm spun off delphi,we the people tried buying them out
the union at the shop,did all they could to bury that piece of truth
so we couldn't go forward with that plan
i have seen crooked elections,and out and out voter fraud,both national and local
i truly believe that they did help,even just a little,but i am in no way having a love fest for them,nor do i even like them

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence