Comment: Not irrefutable facts....

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Not irrefutable facts....

The "nanothermite" fact that the video starts with is far from irrefutable. If you look at dust, soot, and paint chips with an electron microscope, you will see all kinds of strange stuff. If the paint is red, it will likely have iron in it from pigment. If the paint has burned, you will likely find spheres under the microscope. There were scientists years ago who claimed to find "nanofossils" in a meteorite that proved life on mars and it was international news. Later, they found out that they just misinterpreted natural minerals under the electron microscope.

Molten steel? That hasn't been proven either. The firefighters saw molten metal, but that doesn't mean it was steel. I was in a town that had burned in a forest fire once. There was a stream of molten metal flowing down a driveway. It was from the aluminum wheels on a car that was burning. Aluminum melts at much lower temperature than steel. Red sparks observed on the building could come from live electrical lines. I've seen a downed power line putting out sparks like you wouldn't believe. Seeing red sparks doesn't prove steel metling from nanothermite.

There are a lot of inconsistancies about the official 9/11 story, but this video has jumbled together some questionable assertions and claimed them as irrefutable facts.

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