Comment: I would berate you

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I would berate you

as I've never had a facepoot account, but that's good. It's a disgusting popularity contest to me.

There was some study done where I guess non facebook people were in some part bad as that meant they were anti social.

The absolute definition of facebook users is in fact anti social. Why have fake "friends". Why not have real friends you talk to face to face. It's fine like here where we are people few and far between, but to consider non facebook users as anti social is nuts.

I understand the utility and such, but it seems like a huge waste of time.

I am part of a couple of social networking sites which use my real name. I would never take part in facepunt because of one major reason. Post one stupid picture of a night on the town or someone else does and you can kiss your professional career goodbye. I don't do that much, but maybe every few years I do end up wasted sitting on a curb. Plus it's boring. Or someone might take that picture of me passed out in a gutter. I'm kidding but I want no part of the website.

I think facebook is like wagging the dog (I would add an n) and although it may have some utility, social networking sites such as the daily paul I think are more valuable. I think it's nice to push the DP on FB and Tweeter and such but what's wrong with e-mail or actual face to face talking or even a phone?

Most people I would wager who wonder here from FacePunt or the likes will maybe spend a few minutes here and go back to whatever website they came from and never return. But turn someone on and they will be a die hard Ron Paul Republican, learn about real money, the FED, and freak out. It took me a year of trying (and another 5 or so before that, but not so in his face), but finally my dad woke up.

It was funny. Last week my dad calls me and asks if members of congress pay into medicare and social security so I tell him I'm pretty sure they do (while knowing they do.)

I tell him google is his friend. Then he inevitably calls me back and says Ron Paul is declining his pension and that's very respectful. He walked right into that one.

He said "why didn't anyone listen to him?" I told him to ask that question to everyone he knows. Meaning ask it to yourself. I sent him so many videos I know I scared him away. BUT, now he is asking questions. :)

Every day I am finding if you give someone a tiny bread crumb or drop it in front of them they will want to know more.

If I can get my dad to stand behind a real person like Dr. Paul, him being dyed in the blood blue, that's a good thing. I tried to drop the blue republican deal on him and he never bought. But now he's getting pretty angry. It's not even really a blue vs red deal for him now, which I think is even better. He's finding out about govt waste.

I find it weird to be helping my own father find out what he believes in. It's actually very strange. Should be the opposite.

In any case, good idea. FacePoot is garbage.

Good on you.

edit: oh yeah, what happened to that facial recognition thing where if you take a pic of someone you can find their facebook?