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Comment: let me put it all on the line

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let me put it all on the line

does anyone here think jobs were
created because we needed something to do?
was there an over seeer who decided you needed to make money,so they being benevolent beings all that jazz thought you'd be bored
but all day here all read how this bill that passed is good
were you all born as there were jobs to fill?
and yet i read praises from liberty minded folk,how this bill(law)
is such a BFD!!
this was created by the very people who cannot create laws
our elected are not law makers,they work for us
they cannot create bills(laws)
ans yet you sit at your keyboards and try to point out to me
how this is such a great deal
this will be our undoing,as most here praise the all mighty
state and their undying love of doing what is right
get a damned life,people are not born to serve a union or the state
and yet on a liberty oriented site i read how this is good
how can it be,if the ones meeting out dollops to the masses as laws do not have the authority?
now go ahead and down vote this,as i don't care
twist all my words to meet your needs,it will not change one iota
nor dot,dash or tittle of what i have said
but ask yourselves this,were you all born as there were jobs that needed to be filled?
does any gov that passes laws,have your or my better interest at heart?
if you need a clue on these questions,or are confused by them
then just who needs more libertarian in their lives
most of you sat there and dissed on me for my beliefs and the way
i present things,but do not look at the words
riddle me this,how does it become to advocating for unions
when the bitch is about who or what passed another law?
does this automatically put me in the spot of a lover unions
or advocating them?
in your eyes yes,not in mine
the same thing can be said and will right here of fishyculture
you have constantly twisted her words around to fit your own agenda
god might forgive,but i don't,not it this point
you see,i have no animosity nor do i seek ill will,some of you all do,but right now,i don't like you
so you all can keep your preacheresque diatribe to yourselves,as i have no need for that or you
but ask yourselves this again...were you born as there was job that needed filled? if your answer is yes,shame on you,you know not
liberty or the meaning
and at this i am done with the lot of you
advocating for unions because i don't think a gov,a gov that has not the right to writes laws,writes a law concerning a damned job!!
is this clear enough for the lot of you? is it?

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