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touche :)

True, one should never underestimate the difference even one mind can make. If you feel that one person is worth the possibility of alienating the rest of your friends list go for it. Who knows, sometimes a good hammer over the head will wake someone up.

Different strategies will work for different people. I've had success playing it cool on facebook. Ive made it known I was for Ron Paul and liberty, they are aware of this, but I never pushed it on anyone. I choose my battles carefully and have made it through many rounds of "defriending" to continue my presence and influence on their walls and their lives. I've had many deep meaningful conversations later with those same people offline. They knew where I stood and wanted to know more. Many now see the light so to speak.

Others have had success with other strategies, just laying it all out there and blasting their friends with everything they got. If that works more power to them. I feel you'll probably lose more than you'll gain, but like you point out what is an acceptable amount of minds? I'll just say my approach works for me and my circle. I encourage it, but there is no silver bullet. There are many viable ways to persuade people. Find what works best for you and yours :) Good luck