Comment: You are the judge of each group.

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You are the judge of each group.

This emotion is a natural state to go through, however it is not the end.

You have awoken to the fact that many groups you found yourself part of while asleep were not actually benefiting you, and now you reject them. That does not make groups bad. Groups are simply that, more than one person that can be define by some common trait. Sometimes that's blind faith towards government. Sometimes that's a commitment to limited government and individuality.

There are groups that destroy the individual. And there are groups that support the individual, a great example being the original United States of America, or the DailyPaul users. This beneficial group acts quite differently, and it is up to your individual judgement if you want to participate in or avoid these groups.

A beneficial group can still limit your freedom. Freedom is a loose word, and not the same as liberty. For example, you might be part of a group of friends, who will exclude you from the group if you treat people poorly. A strong person wouldn't want to be part of a group that would not limit them in this way, and would "govern" themselves on this. Daily Paul limits your freedom in that you can not start posting get rich quick schemes and remain a member.

Secondly, individuals think at various levels. Obviously one does not hate a deer for eating your flowers, because it is in their nature, the deer is less intelligent, and you therefor accept that it is your responsibility to stop them. Many teachers and policemen, and to a much lesser degree firemen, fall into a similar lesser intelligence category of man. A teacher might be used for evil. But they are not evil (usually). They are weak and being used for evil, which is very different.