Comment: Government Regulation is GOOD!

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Government Regulation is GOOD!

Libertarians everywhere NEED to support our governments making laws to REGULATE unions. If you don't support regulation you aren't a Libertarian then, ARE YOU?

Tariffs, unions, protectionism - These are all things of the past. Why should an American worker make any more money than the same worker in China, India or Pakistan doing the same labor?

It's a global economy now, and the regulations, protections and rights of workers need to be destroyed. This is a great start.

How can the multinational conglomerates increase their profit margins with all these dumbass unions in the way, something needs to be done.

Unions are dying out anyways. Who cares?

Like it or not, we are moving towards a global economy and global economics. American unions should not be allowed to stand in the way of progress.

Besides, even if you disagree there is nothing you can do about it anyway, is there?