Comment: Grounds for legal action!

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Grounds for legal action!

To prevent access of your PCO's to the organization meeting would be interfering with state law!

The law requires the PCO to meet, choose chair and committee persons, and in so doing, organize the party once again. This is not regulated by any party since the party ceases to exist in it's structure and it's officers, on December 1st!

On December 1st the PCO is the new party! No one else has ANY authority in law! Only the PCO's can meet and perform what the law requires of them.

For anyone to impose sanctions, fines, duties, taxes, or any other restriction, under any color of law or private control, would be an obstruction of the law. It is defrauding the individual PCO of his money, and it is defrauding the people of the state of Washington by virtue of any particular person(s) impeding the process the law requires!

A writ of mandamus, declaratory relief, or injunction, depending upon the facts and need, could be used to declare the outcome void and force a new meeting of PCO's.

You have proof of violation, and you have proof of damage!

First: At least ten (10) PCO's were blocked entry by the attempted fraud of extorting money from them! That is a true statement of fact.
Second: One election involved the State Committeeman from King County, which ended up a tie, your candidate losing by a coin toss. That is also a true statement of fact.

It would have been better if the PCO's who were defrauded and the PCO's who were impeded, should each have called 911 at the time of the crime! Nevertheless, it is a violation of state law and demands redress in court, then remedies appropriate to the proper fulfillment of law.

A 'retake' on the re-organization meeting would likely hurt the establishment in their greater number of no shows, and help liberty in a greater number of shows... but only if liberty has learned her lesson the first time around last weekend!

Unless you can achieve 100% show up, you are spitting in the wind to pursue it further!

Ron Paul would have been a 100% show!

He was never a no-show!

Tell your PCO's this! Then get to work on throwing out the results!