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still at it i see

prove to the people here that unions
have not had an impact on wages,a safer work place
but i know you can't
all i have seen you do so far is copy and paste others responses here
none were your own
and you went so far as to wet you pants at the unions downfall
this proves you have an agenda,and it is not a good one
not from anyones standpoint
let me ask this then
has the price of any vehicle gone down?? why no they hasn't
but they should right? seeing unions are the root cause
and unions no longer build most of the components for vehicles
they should be cheaper? right?
has this happened? NOOO,they have gone up
who or what now is to blame for high priced vehicles,as it cannot be the unions
wow such a preponderance,unions no longer make the greater amount of
parts for vehicles,and yet,they still are over priced,why is that?
such a riddle
just weird when the math doesn't add up

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.