Comment: Well, I may be the weirdest political voyeur around, because ...

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Well, I may be the weirdest political voyeur around, because ...


because I'm actually a proponent of electing People representatives for the Houses ... out of ...

Z E R O - Party ... AT ALL.

And yet, yes : by the bunch of rep. numbers required. The required dozens of congressmen, senators, etc.

Yes, ZERO Party (the party and partying ain't often fun, anyway, dunno if anyone noticed...)


Not about the Republicans. Not about the Democrats. Not about the Libertarians - to me, to be a libertarian is more a way of life than anything politically practical anyway, but whatever - that's beyond the point.

So, yes ...

to "do" politics - defend / argue ideas / TEXTS - WITHOUT ANY PARTY affiliation, so that the People give a try to make them candidates compete around KNOWN, LIMITED SETS of CORE TEXTS, instead.

Note : non-mandatory, though. Those absolutely attached to joining "their" party still totally free to do so, of course.

But ... HUH ?! How can you even ARGUE politically while NOT from within ANY party ?!

Well, more here :

But well... likely not practical enough or ever.

I dunno.


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