Comment: I am Really Getting Tired

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I am Really Getting Tired

of hearing people that are so desperate for an idol making excuses for Rand and pushing Rand on us and hoping Rand will morph into Ron and going on and on about Rand being our savior. HE'S NOT RON! GET OVER IT! I was floored when I saw him proudly announce his endorsement for Romney AND ON HANNITY and WHILE Ron was on stage in Texas giving an awesome speech. I had to work through the immense amount of actual grief it caused me. I tried to justify it because I had so much hope in him. I am over it. I have moved on. Only time will tell if Rand is one of the rats. So far I am not seeing much sign that he's not. The mere fact that people keep having to defend him pretty much says it all. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. You might as well start defending Benton while you are at it. I once had faith in him too.