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"Answer me this question: Did God the Father die on the cross? But God died on the Cross, but was it only the Son? How? We don't know. See the exclusiveness?"

No, God the son died on the cross, and rose himself from the dead. You say God died on the cross, and I would say that that is true only to the extent that you are speaking of God the son. I would say that Mary was the mother of God in the sense of Jesus(God the Son), but I would not say she was the mother of the trinity or of God the Father or of God the Holy Spirit. I think that one member of the trinity can be referred to as God without referring to the other members. If the bible makes distinction between God's substance and persons, then we can acknowledge those distinctions even without completely knowing how they work. The fact that one doesn't know how something works doesn't mean there is a logical paradox or mutually exclusive concepts in play.