Comment: Its always amusing to read threads, where

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Its always amusing to read threads, where

... some sizable number of people responding clearly show they do not take a moment to focus and read

Whether this is ADD, or merely a consequence of being continuously bombarded by streams of information in the 21st century - I can't say.

"There is no scorecard or any other single criteria ..."

Read that sentence carefully. This actually is saying:

"We're not telling you what specific criteria we actually used. A scorecard might or might not have been used.

But if it was, it wasn't the *only* thing we used. Because we used more than one method. Which might have included a scorecard. Or not"

This is classic political misdirection. This is the way they learn to speak.

Language like this is used to make black seem like white. Up sound like down. Tax hikes sound like tax cuts. Troop surges appear to be troop withdrawals. And on and on.

It's corporate legalspeak. You should expect it by now. If someone in the upper echelons of D.C., K-Street, Wall Street, City of London, the Eurozone etc etc is opening their mouth to the public?

They're lying. They are doing it with language like this.

People: please learn to interpret this language so you can identify (for yourself) when you are being lied to.

Which = constantly.