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An adjective

Thanks for sharing.

There is a very specific adjective to qualify the sort of lows of the lowest where people and situations can plunge down to...

We're talking about the kind of "businessman" that Mr. Trump represents, here... Hyper educated, ultra intelligent, morally immaculate, right ?

We're talking about HIM offering a bribe.

A bribe, yes, no less, and to the President of the USA.

For the latter to release records that your most humble small office secretary wouldn't even think a second about NOT sharing them with her next employer, as a matter of totally obvious credentials pre requisites.

Here is that adjective which perfectly fits the situation :

G R O T E S Q U E.


Epilogue :

Also note the MSM would still be perfectly fine to report that - in all seriousness - as a "story" ... Yet, not even on April's Fools day.

If only to make a buck, anyway.

In my book, I'd say the global mankind I.Q. average has just lost at least 5 points.

95 should be the new median, instead of 100.

Or is it a really bad dream, we're all stuck in ?


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