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Not this AGAIN...

Seesh... this is a dupe thread... already been discussed plenty here:

(Where I made numerous comments)..

And I agree with this statement:

“Stigmatizing and stereotyping minor-attracted people inflames the fears of minor-attracted people, mental health professionals and the public, without contributing to an understanding of minor-attracted people of the issue of child sexual abuse.”

I was molested as a child, and I still think that hating someone for their sexual attractions is wrong and those who have such an issue should have people's sympathy as long as they have not actually hurt a child.

Also, such an attitude of hatred only drives such people to hide their condition which is detrimental if your goal is to protect your children from those who would sexually abuse them.

The hysteria surrounding this subject does no one any good, and I can say with utmost certainly it is pure hysteria when people have been locked up for merely owning comic books which authorities have deemed to be "obscene". Proof:

I also have a hard time believing teenagers can't consent to sex when a 15 year old girl used to fondle me when I was 6 years old. That is a REAL pedophile, not someone who is attracted to teenagers. Another thing to consider is that during biblical times it was common practice for men of around the age of 20 to marry 13 and 14 year old girls, yet we don't consider Joseph a pedophile. People living longer now does nothing to change the morality involved either, I just don't understand how it magically makes it so much more evil now that people live longer.

Plus, my parents' and other's reactions to the sexual touching from that girl caused me the real trauma, I can't honestly say she did anything coercive to me... Was what she did right, though? Definitely not! But, involving the state and over-reacting when it honestly wasn't coercive to me it is also questionable in my mind. I'm glad the worst my parents did was go around telling the neighborhood parents about it, which honestly still bugged me, but still was a much better solution than anything the state could have provided.

Now if some guy had tried to stick it in my pooper and wouldn't take no for an answer I'm sure I'd have a different opinion, but that is not what happened to me and they should not be considered the same at all!

OP's post is meant to do nothing more than to continue the hysteria and to monger hatred/fear as far as I can tell.