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Unions are glorified thugs. The government is slowly doing away with them. I can't believe I'm saying this but thank you USGOV, its about time you did something positive. Although the motives are probably suspect. I have dealt personally with these people in the past as a non-union worker in a non-union company in Maryland. Well they just threw rocks at our cars and formed human barriers at our work entry threatening violence all the way. Every single one of them, those members not in attendance are in support and are no better. Think they have no idea?
We were working and hired by the friggin' post office(pre-911) which is also union(as were the police). They let u settle into your job site and get comfortable then they show up. The PO then said, "we have to shut you down until an agreement can be reached, and one must be reached". Oh yeah, and they got/demanded pay twice, up to three times our salaries, and got it. .If your union, your probably laughing at this, but no more., Now I laugh..