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'intense study' LOL

" firm is the ground on which these Gospels rest, the very heretics themselves bear witness to them." Bishop Irenaeus took the Gnostics to the woodshed in the 2nd Century AD. You might want to brush up on world events. (Not to mention the impossibility of making knowledge claims without overcoming the Problem of Induction. You need God for that.)

If your 'intense study' (still LOL) leads you to deny the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, despite of the historicity of it, I don't know what knowledge claim you'd make would have credibility.

Fortunately, saving Faith is a gift from God and not something man has to create on his own. It's not an Aquinian contradiction against reason. I can use history and knowledge to find my way to the cross on Cavalry 2000 yrs ago, but the understanding the Christ died for my sins there is the gift from God.