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Being a union member I

Being a union member I obviously have no issues with unions...they do(or used to) serve a purpose. However, I live in a right to work state where my membership is voluntary. I would never support manditory union membership to have a job, voluntary is fine....force is not. The reason these people are so angry is the benefits package(more specifically the pension plan). These packages are what I hate most about my union. For instance our benefits package is about $8/hr worth of benefits. Lets say a certain union craft gets $20/hr, if it werent for that package they would be getting $28/hr instead. Non union people doing the same job average $26-27/hr. Within the union this stupid package is MANDATORY. If I ever brought up a change in a union meeting asking that it be made optional, allowing me to opt out and find my own health insurance(which I could do for less) and take care of my own retirement so I could get that extra $8/hr to use as I see fit, I would be beaten bloody in the parking lot. What these people are afraid of any threat to their pension and health plans, they expect me to contribute to their ponzi scheme pension plans..which just like SS wont be around when I retire...the falling birth rate makes that certain. And THAT is why they are rioting, this undercuts the base needed for their ponzi scheme benefits package.