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Comment: Seeing is disbelieving?

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Seeing is disbelieving?

"See I'm from the UK so there's not history of liberty,"

I stopped reading at that point and I can continue reading after these responses you may or may not see, or know, or understand, or appreciate, or content with, or respond to reasonably.

Here is a very interesting Essay that addresses the words you published concerning "the UK" where there is no "history of liberty".

Setting that aside for the present concern of your other words I can respond further, in my own words, but that Essay clearly addresses the perception of historical Liberty in that place called England.

The point that may help when considering the Example of what people have done to CREATE LIBERTY concerns those POWERS that are necessary IN Liberty.

People have to stop running scared and they have to start using the POWER they have to make enough POWER to deter the criminals, including the criminals who counterfeit LAW POWER.

That sentence may not be easy to understand, and I can sympathize, but I won't tolerate deceit being invented and used against me - so as to "shoot the messenger", or any other motive of any kind.


Those people who you may now be calling "billionaires" (as in "who need" rely upon them) EXEMPLIFY what has to be done to CREATE those necessities required IN Liberty.

That book may open a few eyes, or not.

Peter Thiel started small. Now an Example of how expensive it may be to live on water, without becoming a poor example of "boat people", such as Men Against the Sea (another book worth reading), started out with an idea, a competitive idea, to take over the world Money Supply.

That was PayPal. It was sold off for reasons that may become clear.

The other example of note involved in those billionaires that may or may not serve anyone else, but I am served well enough, with an example of what is takes to be IN Liberty, is a guy named Elon Musk.

After PayPal the guy named Elon Musk took over and won the race to make the first massed produced Electric Cars, and while he was at it the billions earned were also earned by selling Solar Panels, and now the individual is supplying the Space Industry (world wide) with Rocket motors in direct competition with any other supplier, despite the obvious subsidies taken from private (not Fascist) entrepreneurs and handed to the competition.

If someone can make the best Electric Cars in the World, and do so in California, and do so with NEGATIVE subsidy, and having to find CREDIT offshore, then an example worth knowing exists, competitively compared, to any example of Boat People; richer or poorer, whereby the history of Liberty in America is occurring now - right now.

Wasn't it Jefferson that said (paraphrasing here) "an immoral people are doomed to live under tyranny"?

England is tough, I can imagine, but here in America there are many places to go, Pioneering types of people find them, where no one will ever contact you, and the land is still relatively productive, but you will have to work a lot, to make a few ends meet. It can be a very rough life, but there are places, exemplified by the State of Alaska, but there are other places, I know, I've seen them, all over this Country, where no one goes, and a homestead house is all by itself, and with enough POWER in skill, knowledge, and materials a living can be made, separate from anyone else, where other people, but not you, certainly not you, are immoral. Perhaps now the homestead houses are very scarce, now, and you may have to build one yourself - all alone - since the other people are immoral, not you.

"Interesting point about money without tax I guess we can use barter gold, silver or any other medium of exchange. If like I dream, I can supply 90% of my needs my self I only need money for my wants it doesn't matter too much... Whilst employment is in no way being coerced, it is not being wholly independent, it's the next best thing."

I did not save the link I had to a very powerful looking Common Law movement happening in Alaska, and spreading, and this is the same type of Common Law that was imported from England with Trial by Jury based on sortition, but it is currently happening in Alaska, and they use Gold as money, these Pioneering people of which I lost the link. They had a very good Pamphlet spelling out how their competitive version of Common Law works, and it was working anywhere in America, not just Alaska. If I run across the link again I can post it on this forum.

"Me, I'm running from the state personally and it, in it's many forms has taken all of the land..."

The battle has to be first won internally.