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we wouldn't be the 3rd party

we wouldn't be the 3rd party in colorado. the gop would! We would be the second party with the coalition. The gop is just a few % from being a 3rd party in many states if we formed a new political coalition involving 3rd parties and ron paul republicans,indy's and dems!Then we wouldn't be a 3rd party. Liberty Party said this 8 years ago and will repeat.

ron paul won colorado with santorum delegates not romney but the way the failed cogop is acting romney won 100% and they want to oppose 2/3 of the colorado voters and the colorado constitution. At some point we have to decide to flush the failed gop down the toilet before they leave us with a dead brandname we cannot even sell to folks. Which is exactly what is happening in colorado. when the cogop/gop leadership ignores the colorado constitution 2/3 of the voters over 2 generations of votes.

the cogop/gop is setting themselves up to die in colorado.

Ron Paul 2016