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The problem is:

As RP has stated many times, along with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington: "Beware of parties!".

Parties, in fact, any organization can be taken over. Imagine if somebody came to the DP and said, "I love what you've done. I want to buy your organization, your website, etc. How's $1 million sound?"

Mr. Nystrom would perhaps not sell, but maybe he would. Who knows. But that is how it happens. Money can buy anything, and HAS. All major parties and organizations, from the Boy Scouts to obviously the GOP and Democrats, have been bought long ago. Any "third party" or a real second party (assuming the Repubs and Dems are one in the same) can and will be co-opted. Look what happen to the Tea Party started by RP and Alex Jones followers back in 2007. Michelle Bachman and many other neo cons like S. Palin claim to be part of the Tea Party.

No, the answer is not party.

The answer YES still is grassroots, but it must be directed towards getting true Constitutionists who are committed to NULLIFICATION so that Wash DC becomes irrelevant. Because right now, they rule us like the King of England did. They shoot us, they imprison us, they tax us to death, they threaten us.

I love the idea of rallying behind that patriot gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, mentioned in the video. We had such an opportunity in KY in Phil Moffitt, but he could only raise $100,000 and STILL only lost by 7,000 votes!!!! If RP or Rand Paul had endorsed him, he would have won. Why they didn't blows my mind. Imagine having a "nullification" governor leading KY right now.

Right now, ALL 50 governors are puppets, just like Obama is, and Romney would have been.

We have to get strong local sheriffs who are committed to employing the "rightful remedy" of nullification of tyrannical federal laws. There is precedent in history. And we have truth on our side. This is where we need RP to step up and start preaching openly and frequently this "rural" doctrine of nullification. He does endorse it. He just needs to emphasize it.

Not sure what this prof means by "rural doctrine", but I suggest getting on the bandwagon of nullification.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford