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I see it this way

In CA, and I'm sure many states, the GOP is a third party with Democrats, No Party Preference/Decline to State/Indy voter registration being second.. thing is, these folks have no representation, are not set up, and the only thing they agree on is they don't like either major party. Americans Elect tried to form a second party on line. Nader made 4 Indy runs to break through and he was nominated by many third parties who respected his campaign mission to fight for ballot accessa and open debates. All he/we got were multible law suits in multiple states.. and even Ron Paul had Lawyers for Ron Paul and Richard Gilbert and others seeking law suits from elction, campaign and party "shenanigans".

The fact the GOP is a bad "brandname" is to our advantage, because we don't own the previous shame, we are in to remove it by restoring the republic. We have a goal, a mission, a message and solutions to global, economic and national solutions.

The GOP is as well connected as the Democratic Party.. so it's not going to be a cake walk to take it, but it's a good fight because preseverence, patience, intelligence and respect will pay off.

All we have to do is continue to show up and do what we were doing as grassroots. Expect them to fight us.. they ignored us, laughed at us and now they fight us.. so what happens next?