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Your response is bizarre and

Your response is bizarre and incoherent. I have only copied my own response (once) to another post with this same subject.

You can find an answer to your demand that I "prove" unions have had no impact on wages (not a claim I've made or would make) or resulted in safer work places in the Tom DiLorenzo article I linked above:

He's written more on unionism, as have Tom Woods and Gary North (, and Woods even has a long talk where he deflates a lot of the mythology about how unions saved us all from greedy capitalists (

Now, you don't have to believe these gentlemen or agree with their analysis, but don't post as if I've not offered a response.

As for your yammering about how I wet my pants and have an agenda, well, what a great argument. You got me there.

I'm not sure why you've repeatedly seemed to take offense at being taken for a union apologist when pretty much all you've done here is post a lot of the same BS claims unions make about themselves.