Comment: The Union members are mad

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The Union members are mad

The Union members are mad because they pay union dues so the union can negotiate a good contract in hopes for good pay and benefits. They also pay dues so the union can protect the rights of workers.

With this new law workers will have the option of "free loading". They can reap all the benefits without contributing. Sort of like you and I having to buy our own phones and pay the bill while others get "Obama Phones".

This has NOTHING to do with protecting workers rights and everything to do with busting the unions so the rich will get richer and the poor working man will get poorer.

It's all about Corporatism. Think about it...... When is the last time that the government has done something to help "WE The People"?
It doesn't happen.

You will see that this law will take more rights away from the worker then it will do to protect them.....