Comment: I know it would take too much work

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I know it would take too much work

First of all, I think the exercizes C4L puts folks through is good, good for everyone.

It's not about building a local GOP. The GOP is established, however, they are not the establishment, the Democratic Party is.

When it comes to building a C4L locally, I see no problem with working with all parties and Independents, but when it comes to materializing the message, I see the GOP as the vehicle because it's established, and that is something that, we take advantage of in restoring teh Republic,, or maybe restoring the republic is not an option, we go into the NWO with a "new party" that can easily be co-opted because like OWS that has nothing, and no prefered party registered voters that have no representation, just whatever the other parties offer them on the ballot, have no leadership to take, where the GOP does. c$l teaches us how and provides the extended support we need to take a party..not create one.

That would be a massive job and we don't have the educated, charismic people, MSM, and way too many enemies.