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Comment: Right on point, especially when speaking about charity.

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Right on point, especially when speaking about charity.

One of the hardest steps for some to take on their path to libertarian/rational thought is that the misconception that in a libertarian society you let the poor starve and the sick die. In my view, a libertarian society must have a obsessiveness with voluntary charity, starting with your family.

I think if more libertarians engaged in more charitable acts, wearing the badge of liberty, others would come to see our movement in a more positive light.

It's easy for someto view libertarians as people who are "against everything." When they hear "end the fed, end the department of education, end the regulations, end the income taxe and our here is "Dr. No," the positive message of freedom is lost in the perceived negativity.

By saying we're not going to wait for the government to help or to encourage anything, we the people can take care of each other, the positive values of a libertarian society begin to shine through.

We as libertarians need to be known for our charity just as much as our will to end the TSA or an endless drone campaign. Realize that we can't wait for the STHTF to be a caring and charitable people, we must build our future now.

I'm sure many of us here give all we can, but we can always do more, and we do not talk about it enough.