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i suppose Austrian econmics comes into play
for laws like nafta,chafta ect ect i should also suppose
that when obama talks of sustainability,this is austrian in nature
or should i look at this way
laws are created not to help,but to hinder,laws that get created never affect the ones who voted for them
what should i take from this statement? no country shall have
an unfair advantage over another country
this to me,says wqe shall drop all wages so no other country
has any employees making more than another,in say a country
like mexico or china
these are the things i look at,and i also look at who created
more LAWS that we now are whooping and clamoring over
liberty minded folk praising the state for creating a law
giving us all the right to work
it has nothing to do with me liking or not liking a union
because i personally do not care

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.