Comment: I know Don and his son Matt

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I know Don and his son Matt

Don Gaetz was the Superintendent of Schools where I live when my daughter was in high school and he personally awarded her about 6 different awards for her academic performance over the years.

There is so much corruption in our county and in the whole state of Florida that this doesn't surprise me. Don made millions in big pharma through "creative" legislation and his son makes millions from campaign donations, bribes, and feeding at the public purse trough.

I was pissed off one day (before I knew criminals ran the government) and went by Matts office to ask him a few questions about various things like...where is all the BP Oil spill money going? None of the people I know that filled claims were being paid but the corporations and local government agencies in our area where hitting the jackpot.

Matt wasn't in the office but there was a kid there that had just graduated from FSU. He looked like he was 15 but I'm getting old so I'm sure he was in his early 20's. Anyway, I spoke to the kid a while, trying to determine just how much he knew about the real state of politics today and it was clear he was educated in a State University. He looked really bored and before I left I asked him, what do you and Matt do all day? He said "write legislation". I said that's just sit around coming up with ideas for new laws that you will send to Tallahassee? He said "yeah, pretty much. We meet with local businesses...mostly Military contractors and try to come up with things we can do to get favorable laws passed to help us get more federal money into this area."

No wonder 40-50 thousand new laws are added to the federal registry each year. Our "Representives" spend most of their time creating new ways to steal from taxpayers...and the taxpayer pays them handsomely for doing it too!

Arrghhh...what a world.