Comment: U.S. Deficit In 2 Months Of Fiscal 2013: $292B!

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U.S. Deficit In 2 Months Of Fiscal 2013: $292B!

[Multiply $292B X 6 = $1.75T deficit for 2013.]
U.S. Rakes Up Nearly $300 Billion Deficit In First Two Months Of Fiscal 2013

To paraphrase Tim Geinter: "Risk of the Fed ever ending its monetization? No risk of that." Why? Because as the FMS just reported, the February budget deficit was $172 billion, up $52 billion from a month ago, and $35 billion from a year ago. In brief: in the first two months of Fiscal 2013, the US accumulated a $292 billion budget deficit (compared to $236 billion a year ago), a number which is simply scary when annualized. What does this mean? That as long as the Treasury runs $1+ trillion budget deficit, the Fed will never, ever be allowed to stop monetizing,..