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Ok I see the problem

We are talking about two different ascensions. John 20:17 I was stuck on the initial ascension after his resurrection. Sorry.

The belief that the Jews counted a part of a day as a whole day is totally false and was made up to bolster the erroneous main stream christain teaching of the Friday Crucifixion in the first place.

Also I do not use one Scripture to back my belief on the timing of Passover and the Resurrection. I was merely trying to offer a plain undeniable Scripture. The ones you refer to that say "on the third day" do not contradict the Scripture in Matthew. But there is no Scripture that clearly backs a Friday Crucifixion unless there is already a preconceive notion concerning it.

Finally, I'm sure we agree that we should not think to highly of ourselves that we refuse to "test all things and hold fast to that which is good." It is good to go over these things from time to time to keep us honest and sharp. I will leave it where it is.

I don't like referring to other people because then I fear that I will be held accountable for what they say when I know before hand that I don't agree with anyone 100% and I am affiliated with no particular group. That being said perhaps you could look at and glean some very insightful information.