Comment: I think he's the man

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I think he's the man

Don't care what he believes or knows about 911. I care about the policies he advocates.

On a side note, I remember when I was like Bill. After all I live in NY, saw the destruction first hand. To think my government had anything to do with it was insane. And folks that claimed it was an inside job were nuts.

Then I looked at the evidence.

Now I envy Bill in a weird way. Ignorance truly was bliss.

I find most of the Bill's of the world "have it all figured out" from the extensive research they have conducted on the topic when reviewing the material with an unbiased mind.

For all the BS from folks who refuse to look, and claim Truthers are nut jobs, I have yet to hear one give any explanation on Building 7 that is even remotely plausible. The best is when guys like Bill respond with the classic "what's building 7".