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Comment: A wonderful post! Thank you, Travis.

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A wonderful post! Thank you, Travis.

This is one of the most informative posts I've read on the DP. I really enjoyed hearing about your experiences and impressions of the liberty movement. Let me give you my take.

Unfortunately, the political insiders have been very successful in creating a political climate in the U.S. that makes a grassroots revival based on libertarian/constitutional principles very difficult.

1) They have made politics expensive so that way too much of our time is eaten up in fund-raising rather than educating.

2) They have gained control of the mainstream media giving the opponents of liberty candidates an automatic advantage through the free positive publicity that they can dispense.

3) They have convinced almost everyone (including a discouraging number of libertarian activists) that the only elections that count are for national office and maybe even just the presidential elections every four years. (I remember one DPer mentioning that he only came here during Ron Paul's presidential campaign and that he planned on returning to his gold bug website's forum once the election was over.)

4) They have convinced many people that ALL political activism is pointless and futile. Much of the voter "apathy" and ignorance are the results of that successful strategy.

5) They have tried to steer those still committed to political change into noble but harmless tail-chasing activities or political concentration camps like the Libertarian Party.

6) They have seeded groups like the "Tea Party" and online forums with shills to introduce divisive topics, promote self-destructive tactics, and attack anyone who seems to have a clue.

7) They have worked to destroy the middle class in America and made the rest dependent on the government for their subsistence.

Your idea about money bombing local candidates is a good one. And that is why they have worked so hard to get us to pour so much of our money down the rat hole of the presidential campaigns. It is hard to overcome the donor fatigue brought on by such an expensive endeavor. But we could and should do it. If we donated a tenth of what we raised for the RP campaigns to worthy candidates in local and/or selected congressional races we could really make a difference.

Your frustration about the "Ron Paul" supporters not contributing their time and efforts to local campaigns is probably caused by similar issues. Burnout and misplaced priorities.

But I think it is great what you are doing. Keep it up and you will go far!

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