Comment: Speaking only for myself.

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Speaking only for myself.

Speaking only for myself. Ron Paul may be a truther and never admit it and from his point of view not mine it wouldn't help to talk about it. He feels he is already attacking the source of the problem. There is a video of we are change (I think) asking him about bilderberg, he shrugs it off. Then when asked again he says (i'm paraphrasing) that bilderberg gets together to talk about how to control the worlds resources. Then goes on to say but we have our own things to talk about like how do we get our liberties back. He would set the respect he has gained by the common "conservative" back along ways by bringing it up. I should know I bring it up all the time because I feel it is important for people how evil these people really are. You just end up making people think your crazy because 95% of Americans will never do any research on any subject. If they don't see it on msm, it never happened. How could we ever hold contempt for Ron Paul he is the greatest man that has ever lived.