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Comment: Not that you "had too" but you did NOT answer my question.

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Not that you "had too" but you did NOT answer my question.

Bush did not kill all the Iraqis who've died owing to American Interventionism (the people who died from civilian-on-civilian opportunism and retribution).

Obama did NOT bail out the banksters.

Lincoln did not kill 600,000 people.

Because we NEVER look at how the "consumer" buys into wars, politics, etc or how the individual participates in the destruction of his freedoms we can NEVER get down to how "we" (as individual consumers) can build (for the first time ever) a free-society.

Saying Bush, FDR, Hitler, Obama, or Lincoln can change the world or set us on a "new course" is the epitome of the religious hero-seeking mindset -- the believe that one-man can bring about total destruction or total salvation.

If you are religious; do you agree with Christ when he said to "approach God like a child" -- If so, does a child "chose" whom to trust, is there a "willingness" to participate?

Approach "knowledge" like a child -- full of wonder and not so filled with conclusions and absolutes.

It takes a nation of conscious consumers to implement consumer-sovereignty (Mises basis for a Free-Market) -- which allows entrepreneurs to get proper "cues"