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Comment: Thats funny. Well at least

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Thats funny. Well at least

Thats funny. Well at least you admit you think most of us are traitors. Its better to aknoweldge your insanity than to live in denial. However, I have discovered your problem.

But first... I must admit im having tons of fun trading insults with you. You had a few good ones... for a douche. But let me get to why you fail.

((you said: B: Non-Agression is a Libertarians stance. I'm a Constitutionalists.. I AM also much closer to his message than someone pushing Rand would be.))

This whole time, you've been talking about what a great supporter of Ron Paul's message you are, and how all the rest of us are fakers... but you don't even believe in non-aggression. Are you unaware that the core of the Constitution "IS" the non-aggression principal? The entire idea behind natural rights and just law? That no man may initiate force against another, or deprive him of his life, liberty or property without due process of law? This explains so much. You don't have the first idea what you're talking about. Before, I said we'd all read the same stuff and had the same basic understanding of liberty. I was sorely mistaken. The reason you are a hostile asshole who picks fights with those of us fighting to take our liberty back is because you are clueless about what we are fighting for. You're a self-described Constitutionalist who doesnt understand the essence of the document you claim to adore.

But thats only part of why you fail.

The reason you have a problem with Rand and the rest of us is because you adhere to ridiculous Christian principals based in bullshit rather than natural law, and don't have the sense to see self defense when its right in front of your face, fighting to keep your dumb ass free. You think Rand is evil because he uses deception in self defense against the collectivists who are using lies and fraud to steal our liberty. Yet you see no problem in using violence to kill when someone is trying to use violence to kill you or your family. This is what happens when you use a fucking book of lies written by men who wanted to control peasants in order to set your moral compass instead objective reason. You have a stunted view of natural law, and don't propertly understand self-defense because your religeon has pulled blinders over your eyes which you are too thick to see past. It is because you don't understand these things that you will always be at odds with those of us who do. Without the non-aggression principal, we are just collectivists. The non-aggression principal is the heart and soul of individualism and freedom. But it provides us one more important virtue.

It also provides us with our only true means of fighting back by affording us appropriate self defense in measure to the crime perpetrated against us. Your "principal" is good for nothing but martyrdom. Martyrs are effective to a point, but rights are taken on the battlefield. And while you're waiting for Jesus Christ to run for pres and magically wake everyone up to liberty, you will be getting 2% of the vote forever, and die in a camp. The rest of us will use our natural right of self defense to take by whatever just means neccessary our lives, liberty and freedom back. You would consider our tactics to be "unprincipaled" but that's because you don't understand natural rights and the right to self defense that comes along with it. And THAT, is why you fail. Wake up.

This might explain your problem with someone chasing glory. Its basic free market 101. What do you care what motivates me toward defending liberty? Do you have some problem with people who strive for achievment? Isn't working toward one's own long-term self interest what this is all about? Isn't glory, afterall just another form of profit? In truth, I actually try to stay low key as id prefer not to have my house drone missled in the future, however that doesn't mean I don't like getting credit when a plan works out. I take pride in the battles we win if I played a key role. That said, I have no problem with whatever motivates people to fight for liberty, be it glory, fame, base selfishness, or the promise economic prosperity in the future. So long as they work toward freedom, I benifit. Thats called the free market.

Class dismissed.