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Comment: Ok there was a history of liberty.

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Ok there was a history of liberty.

Common law and other bodies of law it once competed with, six in all I believe merchant law, Roman law ect. The Magna Cater yes and the charter of liberties it was based on. There were many things the Anglo-Saxons did right and they spread such ideas across the world.

I meant liberty in a pretty purist sense, but where is there a history of that? What we don't have in the UK country is a love of liberty, a yearn for it. What we do have is a self fulfilling pessimism than all such dreams are doomed... What I aught have said is that as near as I can tell we won't have a future with liberty. Plus even still I'd want to get away.

Log cabins in America? Sounds like something one could be deported for. Not what I'm looking for and I just don't trust the state, I don't want to be in it's boarders.

I'm no saint but a lot of things here offend my sensibilities, much of it sickens me. Weather I'm personally correct or not I need to get away from what I perceive as so wrong.

All I know is right now I need to see a pathway out.