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Comment: I like Mark's style - going to order his book

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I like Mark's style - going to order his book

" Causing Trouble: High School Pranks, College Craziness, and Moving to California" - I need some less serious reading :-)

Painting obscenities consisting of 30-foot tall letters in the snow on the school football field using food coloring mixed with water in a giant weed sprayer, sending hundreds of magazine subscriptions to a teacher and checking the “bill me later” box, replacing the magazines in the school library with pornos, sending a fake college rejection letter to a former friend informing them that the school had changed its mind about enrolling him, police chases, making fake IDs, prank phone calls, joy riding, shoe tossing, running for class president, making crop circles, scamming months’ worth of free food, stealing cable TV, printing fake vehicle registration tags, going to jail, and that’s just the beginning!

After many legal troubles and personal tragedy, Mark was luckily able to manage his unbridled creativity and focus it constructively. His writings on politics, spirituality, and pop culture have enlightened countless people causing them to look closely at their own life and the road that they’re on and where it will ultimately lead them.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix