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I partially agree

Grassroots, if they take longer than 1-year to get desired results usually turn into political parties -- Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party, etc.

Under American Capitalism (1790 to 1912) we had "slavery" and only a few could actual vote (decide).

Since there were fewer decision makers it was EASY to see the snakes-in-the-grass (the lobbyists) -- but this tradition goes back to the first empires - monarchies - dynasties (etc).

You cannot eliminate the sell-out factor -- and that factor can ONLY exist when there is another profit-potential on the books OTHER THAN consumers.

Free-Society (profit centers):

1) Consumers-who-Purchase

2) Consumers-who-Invest

Capitalism - Corporatism - Socialism - Monarchism (profit centers):

1) Consumers-who-Purchase

2) Consumers-who-Invest

3) Gov't-Intervention (circumvention of consumer rule via: regulation, price-ceilings, price-floors, bailouts, and barriers to competitive entry into any market OR Monopoly Granting Authority).

That's IT in a nutshell.

Gov't Intervention ALWAYS begins with the votes of the elite and eventually becomes voting for-all.

Unless you can show a form of Capitalism that existed WITHOUT slavery that term at the era it represents needs to stop being the basis for free-market theory.

For there to be Consumer-Rule all Consumers must be free to chose anything and everything. If you believe there are things that should NOT be allowed, as a consumptive choice, then you will need the bigger gang (perpetual war = voting and lobbying).