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I am not the one who is

I am not the one who is judgmental. I post a respectful opinion and some jerk off calls me a tard or an ass wipe or some other garbage. Like I said, I like debates but some kids around here need to learn some manners. Don't post something you would not say in person and I hardly doubt they would. I said.

I am a hard working mother and wife and I have put my time in for Liberty! I will not be disrespected by some ignorant kid who does nothing but trash people on public is totally unproductive and they should stay out of politics if that is how they are going to treat people with opposing veiws. The idea is to teach and educate the masses so step aside and let the adults do the work cause nobody is going to listen to some trash talking, ignorant, punk (not you particularly...I'm just speaking in general).

As for you...cheers! I could use a beer.