Comment: ok....I'll play....

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ok....I'll play....

Atheists wouldn't have a problem with Christians if....Christians would know as much about their purported faith as their "opponents", rejecting, hypocrite-exposing non-belivers do.

If an un-government-registered church would not only practice church discipline and shame their memberships dabbling in vices common to man, rebuke doctrinal error and unholy fellowships with compromisers, and encourage their membership to be patriotic and good servants by not only distrusting and questioning their sin-tainted civil leaders who profess to be Christians for popularity(vote-getting purposes), but rather RUN FOR OFFICE themselves to protect our God-given liberties....we might get somewhere....meaning, someone in a Christian church might say that educated, licensed, experienced, and degreed architects, engineers, pilots, and firefighters have LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS about what happened on September 11th, 2001 .... And .... Christian candidate Ron Paul has some excellent qualified positions about our parent government's role in both foreign and domestic affairs; as well as a very learned position about Just War Theory....again, we just might get somewhere.

(funny how they NOW all pay lip service to his positions on the Fed and debt 5 years too late!!!) - check out TODAY's broadcastwhen they post it(12/12/12) of - It was all Ron Paul's positions when he discussed our "fiscal cliff" problem...(I was the last caller on the program in the final 3 minutes - I don't think he liked my question!)

Guys, I'm trying!!!! Just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater....I have more to agree with non-believers than professing Christians these days, because I am concerned about LIBERTY for my children and our posterity, not a Christian theocracy!....I do not deny that we have differences about moral absolutes, or boundaries; but in the meantime I hope and expect to remain salt and light to them professing christian loudmouths who are in the dark about their counterfeit external religion(sold out to the establishment GOP), and irritating them about their hypocrisy, dismissal of legitimate questions, and love for the security of majority opinion by being mere cultural menpleasers serving MONEY, as Christ wasn't, because that won't "save" them!