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Yes that is helpful. Many

Yes that is helpful. Many Scriptures I leave alone and I get light from other parts of Scripture that helps me interpret the hard parts. God is revealing to Moses himself in a special way and I am studying a course that studies how God reveals in a progressive way where he will start with a seed (a basis concept) and expand on it over time bringing more and more light and details until the word is fulfilled. So perhaps God is revealing his name, his character, progressively as his people had the need to know him more.

A helpful exercise for my was to start studying the NIV, then I studies the ESV, and now I am looking for an Old Testament interlinear version because I am so much enjoying my Greek interlinear translation. I have found so many poor translations and even interpretations that distracted me from hearing the whole truth of what the author was intending. Also, going from liberal to more conservative translations helped me see this. Thanks for your reply although I am a bit scared of KJV because I am quite young and I don't think or pray in KJV as do some older people!