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Comment: "...folks who refuse to look..."

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"...folks who refuse to look..."

Do you have room in your thinking for someone who originally believed the official story, then several years later got on the internet for the first time and started believing the controlled demolition theory, then recently realized was not being given the full story by the Truth Movement, in fact, outright misled at times, then recently decided to chuck all past belief and study free of any predetermined conclusions, and found there is no evidence of missiles, bombs, or controlled demolition?
That's me.
You seem to assume that those of us who hold that belief somehow are blinded by the official story and have not considered all the claims of the Truth Movement. That is a false parameter from which to form a conclusion of any kind. It eliminates the possibility of some other combination of belief.
My belief is based on hard fact. Whenever I present hard fact, it is never discussed, it is either ignored or I am subject to name calling and every other form of intimidation. I've been told I'm utter scum for simply presenting established fact.
I have to ask. Who is it who refuses to look?

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