Comment: Fair is by far the best tax hands down

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Fair is by far the best tax hands down

First off in a free society it's none of the govts business how much you make or have or leave plus excise taxes are constitutional as compared to the income taxes which are not -fair tax would solve this..

Second off compliance cost with filing taxes is almost half a trillion a year and another 200 billion in health related cost from the stress the preparation the current tax cost. Fair tax would solve this..

Third off the huge underground economy would pay -from gangsters to banksters. Fair tax would solve this as well.

The economic benefits from a fair tax would be huge. Productivity, efficiency, and investment would dramatically increase as business would be able to focus on business and bean pushers would have to get real jobs..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007