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I am sure the ptb have been working a very long time to purge the GOP of conservatives, and why RP was a silent exception.. he didn't make waves, just stood hs ground, didn't gt upset.. didn't seek lime light or money.. didn't care if he was alone..

I have no doubt we are about to lose the republic and the party that represented it. I feel that we are being sold into slavery/global debt.. a war on drugs and federal tyranny in the name of saving the planet that will take us into a UN government, where the Democratic Party is THE PArty, as China has one party.. "We're all generic now".

I think the UKIP will be co-opted, and would any new party that actually had the knowledgable people to go through all the hoops and ladders, to become established to take the Democratic Establishment by 2016.. but I don't see it, and after all my decades of working on the outside, this short time I've been on the inside.. I think this is the right place to be, IF you want to restore the republic. If you have other ideas, than something else is absolutly the way to go.

Yeah, the GOP wants to purge us and why we should be "crashing the party" by joining and showing up and making it our party.