Comment: I'm confused.

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I'm confused.

Why is everyone here glorifying this attention seeker? He purposefully tried to get the campus police to break a rule. (The only rule they broke was opening his refrigerator, they have authority to enter the dorm, as it's owned by the college.) This reminds me of when Adam Kokesh and some of his friends went outside of a Gingrich HQ in NH before the primary. They kept harassing the employees, and when one security officer lightly touched one of them whilst trying to talk calmly, the Kokesh friend started flipping out and began screaming "assault!" The video really turned me off to Kokesh for a while, and I think it makes us look bad. It was embarrassing, quite frankly.

This violation would never have happened if they student hadn't deliberately provoked the officers. I've heard some people here talking about how wrong it is for cops to bait people into crime (bait car, fake drug sellers, fake prostitution), and I agree with them. So let's not glorify this attention seeker,please.