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Comment: Listen assmunch and really focus here okay...

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Listen assmunch and really focus here okay...

The context of our whole conversation was contextually about the fair tax.. specifically about what he attributed to Dr.Paul's feelings on the subject..

(Here it comes.. I'm going to show you something in the hopes that you may learn how to really pay attention. I'm not sure if you can handle it but I want you to know.. I'm here for you. I want to help you work through this.)

He says Dr.Paul was pretty much for the Fair tax..

I refuted that idea with an article from

He then said that he liked Rothbard's analysis better.

I then picked out a line about taxes which did use the term "altogether"..

and pretty much left the conversation with an opinion of him...

and his use of that line I quoted in defense of fair tax..

See sport.. You really have to slow down and focus on context.. There's a whole nother layer of meaning you're missing.

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